Sunday Worship

Sunday School

Our Sunday School hour is a bible study where all participate.  Lively discussion is common and challenging.  One member facilitates the discussion, leading the group in the reading for the day and asking thought-provoking questions.  Sunday School begins at 10:00 am Sunday morning.


Pastor Miguel preaches from the Word.

Sunday worship follows a very traditional format.  Singing, preaching, sharing , and praying are all essential for the spiritual nurture and growth of our church family.  We usually sing 4-6 songs during worship, and they can range anywhere from old-time hymns to contemporary Christians hits.  There is always a message of some kind, most often a sermon from Pastor Miguel.  At other times we may have an alternate presentation, such as individuals sharing
about recent service and missions trips.  Sharing time is an integral and valued part of our service, where members share praises from the
past week, prayer requests,  and/or responses to the sermon.  Finally, prayer is very important to us, and can be found many times throughout every service.  The worship service begins at 11:00 am Sunday morning.  Childcare is provided if necessary.

The congregation sings a song of praise.
The congregation sings a song of praise.

A Congregation of Mennonite Church USA